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Produce Consumption Increases with Proper Sleep

We know chronic sleep deprivation can cause generally poor food choices and overeating. But the opposite is also true. Getting enough sleep can inspire healthy food choices. A study done in the UK showed that fruit and vegetable consumption differed between sleep duration groups.1 Sleeping the recommended 7–9 hours per day showed that group having the highest intake of fruits and vegetables in cross-sectional and prospective analyses. These findings suggest that sleeping the recommended duration is associated with higher consumption of fruits and vegetables. Sleep is an overlooked lifestyle factor in relation to fruit and vegetable consumption and more notice is vital.

Increasing the amount of sleep you get each night is associated with better food choices and less chance of overeating. As an added bonus, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption increases the amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in your diet, which is always a positive choice. So catch all your recommended z's to help get your recommended fruit and vegetable servings in daily!


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