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Sam & Bre

Christy Wright has been a top-rated speaker at some of the largest events across the country for over a decade, and for good reason. Her energy is electric, and her passion is contagious anytime she takes the stage. Christy’s heartwarming and often hilarious stories take her audiences on a journey that leads to more than just inspiration—it leads to transformation. Whether she’s wielding a butcher knife as a prop* or sharing some of her most vulnerable and hard-learned lessons, Christy’s session is sure to be a highlight of your next event.

*You might want to review your insurance policy before you book her to speak.

Sam and Bre Sims
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"Sam came and spoke to the Summer workshop of the Nebraska Surgical Technologists Association. It was a great speech and taught us a lot about how and when we eat can affect our whole bodies, especially when working in the healthcare field. Since standing for long hours is part of the job of a surgical technologist, it was truly beneficial to learn how to make our jobs easier by taking care of ourselves. Thank you so much for taking the time to come speak!"
- Rebecca G. Title Here
Topics Sam & Bre are  passionate  about :
Fasting • Faith • Nutrition • Health

Talk Examples

Get Your Hopes Up

How to Cultivate a Bold Faith and Trust in God

Do It Scared

How to Take Brave Action Even When You Aren't Sure

Called Out

How to Follow God's Lead When He's Asking You to Do Something New

Breaking the Lies

How to Identify the Stories that Keep You Stuck

The Secret to Public Speaking

Powerful Presentations Are Easier than You Think


Sam and Bre are the #1 bestselling author of Business Boutique, Take Back Your Time, and Living True. She is a certified business coach, dynamic speaker, and personal development expert. Christy served for 12 years as a Ramsey Personality with Ramsey Solutions before taking a leap of faith to do something new. Christy has thousands of hours experience speaking professionally on some of the largest stages in the country and she now uses that experience to teach others how to make the impact they want to make. Whether she’s working with authors and entrepreneurs or speakers and preachers, Christy is masterful at teaching people how to craft messages that they are excited to share and confident to deliver. 

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