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Charcuterie Snacking

Charcuterie is one of our favorite meals, full of tasty tidbits and unique flavor combinations. One of the most desirable aspects of charcuterie is that it can include anything you want it to include. You could clean out your fridge of leftovers and create a unique, one-of-a-kind meal that inspires a repeat or lay out a spread full of your current cravings and favorite foods.

Our charcuterie spread includes tomato slices and cucumber slices seasoned with salt and pepper, garden pico de gallo, carrot chips, kalamata olive salad, pepperoncini slices, carrot hummus, bell pepper slices, and chickpea hummus. You can also include crackers, cheeses, sliced meats, and even fruits. The sky, or your appetite, is the limit.

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