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Antioxidant Effect of Kimchi Supplemented with Jeju Citrus Concentrate and Its Antiobesity Effect on 3T3‐L1 Adipocytes

Yun, YR; Park, SH; Kim, IH

Jul 1, 2019

Food Science & Nutrition, vol. 7, no. 8, July 2019, pp. 2740–46. PubMed Central,

Citrus is cultivated throughout Jeju Island and is thought to possess some medicinal properties. Citrus concentrate is the most extensively utilized form of citrus in the food industry. In this study, antioxidant and antiobesity effects of Kimchi supplemented with citrus concentrate were investigated. Prepared Kimchi was infused with 7% citrus concentrate (CK) and freeze‐dried for analysis. Normal Kimchi (NK) without citrus concentrate was utilized as a control. Total phenol content (TPC), total flavonoid content (TFC), and antioxidant activities were examined. Cytotoxicity, intracellular triglycerides (TG), and total cholesterol (TC) levels in 3T3‐L1 adipocytes were also measured. Additionally, the inhibitory effects on lipid accumulation were trialed by measuring the oil‐red O (ORO)‐stained cells. TPC, TFC, and antioxidant activities of CK were significantly higher than those of NK (p < .05). CK showed less cytotoxicity and attenuated the lipid accumulation at all concentrations by reducing TG and TC levels compared to NK. The inhibitory effect of CK on lipid accumulation was observed via reducing ORO‐stained lipid droplets. Consequently, the antioxidant and antiobesity effects of CK were revealed in vitro. Furthermore, the addition of citrus may provide competitive price due to low production costs as well as health functionality.

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Obesity, Antioxidant, Nutrition, Triglycerides, Cholesterol

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