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Sam and Bre Sims
Fasting is the Real Way your body is designed to lose weight.

This is God's Plan

to strengthen your
Spiritual and Physical Health!

Fasting is built into your DNA!


has a purpose...

All of our ancestors fasted for survival and they passed those genetics onto you!

Our ancestors did not know when they were going to get their next meal. They had to have a way to store energy on their body quickly (fat) when food was available. And when food wasn't available they had to have a way way to tap into that energy when food was scarce. These are the individuals that survived and passed their genetics onto you! 

Because food is always available we have to create scarcity by fasting to tap into that energy reserve.

Your fat is your nuclear powerplant!

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Which Of These Sounds Most Like You?

  • You've tried every diet to lose weight and nothing is working. 

  • You want to live your life based on biblical and scientific truth.

  • You want to exercise but all your efforts have failed.

  • You want to hear from God and experience the Spirit of Power He has given you.

  • You are tried of calorie counting and macros, you just want to eat.

  • You are fed up with short term results and want long term success!

  • You don't want to waste your time on complicated diets that are hard to follow.

  • You want an easy lifestyle that you can actually follow the rest of your life.

  • Your prayer life is struggling and you're done with feeling stuck.

  • You are tired of feeling sick and just want to feel alive again!

  • You get too hangry to even consider not eating.

  • You want to lose fat while maintaining your muscle.

  • You want to keep your gains in the gym!

- C. A. Age 39

"I was a skeptic at first because I was taught that fasting was starvation and I'd lose my muscle mass. Not only was that false information, I've physically proven it repeatedly since my first fasting journey. My confidence went through the roof when I finally had my A-ha! moment while learning and  changing my perspective on feasting and fasting. I even learned how to expert level fast and the results shocked me! Eventually I chose to seek a long spiritual fast for myself to learn how to be full on God regain my spiritual & physical health. I didn't even know it was possible or safe to even consider till I met Sam & Bre and they helped me every step of the way. I discovered so much more & even healed my dangerously high cholesterol levels for good! I’ve finally found what I want to do the rest of my life, free of food guilt plus I'm stronger mentally & physically"

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If Any Of Those Sound Like You Then You Might Also Be Feeling...

...stuck and ready to give up. shouldn't be this hard to get healthy! I'm missing something.

...hopeless about my health and my relationship with God.

...lost without a sense of direction. 

...frequently sick and overweight.

...afraid of never getting better.

...that certain health & spiritual success are alluding you.

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If you've felt even ONE of these...

Kingdom Fasting Official Logo

is the only all inclusive program

providing freedom through fasting, prayer and nutrition.

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Introducing The
All Access Pass

You will get immediate access to everything Kingdom Fasting has to offer:

  • Guided Courses to help you reach your health and prayer goals

  • Complete Training Library to keep you motivated and educated

  • Direct chat with Sam, Bre and other fasters to ask questions and receive help and encouragement in your struggles and celebrate your successes

Sam and Bre Sims

Hi, we're dr. sam (CRNA, DNP, MNA)

+ Breanne Sims (RN)

How it started:
Weight Loss and Health


We tried EVERYTHING the textbooks say to lose weight...and felt like it was our fault when nothing worked.

We created Kingdom Fasting and hit our goal weight in just 6 months and have maintained it for over 4 years!


Where it took us:
Spiritual Breakthroughs, Miracles, and a NEW CALLING.

We're now on assignment to change the world through prayer and fasting! We know that God can do for you what He's done for us!
We can't wait for you to join us!


We've worked with over 100 clients.


Imagine What It Will Be Like When...

Before Kingdom Fasting Photo

You've proven that you can successfully
keep weight off, like our client Jason.
You've simplified your nutrition and
have no food guilt, like our client Chelsey.

You now have a much
deeper walk with God, like our client Davey
Your health has greatly improved so you
feel better mentally & physically, like our client Melody.

With a sustainable plan that is flexible to your lifestyle...

» You'll gain freedom, time, healing, and health.

» You'll strengthen your faith and  enjoy your life.

» You'll feel hope and confidence for your future.

» You will successfully lose weight.
» You will finally be able to eat without feeling guilty.
» You will connect with God, and experience the 
     POWER of fasting and prayer.

» You'll make memories by living in the moment

After Kingdom Fasting Photo
BEFORE Kingdom Fasting

Dr. Sam Sims + Breanne Sims, RN

AFTER Kingdom Fasting

This Could Be Your Story When You Get Access Today...


Feasting + Fasting = Freedom

Here at Kingdom Fasting we take a scientific approach to nutrition and simplify it for you. No more food restrictions, counting calories, macros, or food tracking every morsel.  Today, fad diets have one thing in common, “stop eating “this” naturally occurring food”. Amazingly the Bible warns that we would eventually be told not to eat the foods God had created (1 Tim 4:3). 


Food related health problems were rare 50 years ago, and then we stopped eating real whole food.

It turns out eliminating naturally occurring food has made us sicker.

Good News…You can still eat the food you love. 

We teach you how to enjoy real food and still

celebrate by following the 80:20 principle

when it comes to eating food.

Eat whole foods at least 80% of the time, and you

can eat anything else up to 20% of the time.  Then you

can experience true food freedom without giving up

your favorite meals.

Great News... Bacon is back on the Menu!!


Flexibility + Fasting = Healing

Did you know that anytime you're not eating, you're fasting?
Kingdom Fasting is how to fast based on your body's needs and your schedule, which changes daily. We give you lots of options and help. You decide how fasting works best in your life and those are the fasts you will use.  Some days you will do shorter fasts, others longer, and sometimes you won’t fast at all.  Almost everyone we work with fasts less than 24 hours, but if you want to fast longer, we can help with that too!!  And the best part is, not only are there spiritual benefits, there are tons of health benefits to fasting and we have tips and tricks to help you all along the way.  Fasting isn’t starving yourself, but instead it's tapping into your body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Check out some of the amazing health benefits of fasting!


Research has shown that Fasting helps with:

» Muscle Mass

» Cancer

» Diabetes

» Heart Health

» Immunity

» Brain Health

» Cholesterol Levels

» Hormone Regulation

...and many more!!!

- D. K. Age 53

I joined Kingdom Fasting, one year ago and initially I was looking for weight loss, and had no idea it would be so much more! I lost 20 pounds, easily🎉 and loved the tools I learned, with the videos and the personal attention from Dr. Sam and Breanne. They were there at every turn, to answer my many questions!

Not only was the information helpful, I loved the community and support system. All that has been so exciting, but the best part has been that fasting has healed my gut! I have suffered with gut issues, my whole adult life. After about a month, I noticed I wasn't suffering from bloating and pain.

It was a wonderful unexpected surprise! I am so thrilled and very happy I learned about Kingdom Fasting and I recommend it to everyone!!

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Prayer + Fasting = POWER

In Matthew, Jesus tells us first “When you pray…” and immediately afterwards he tells us “When you fast…”. (Matt 6:5,16) Why then do so many Christians feel that one is mandatory and the other is optional? Fasting was so common during the time of Jesus at it was consider unusual that His disciples weren’t fasting. The only reason they weren’t fasting is because he was physically on the earth with them.  The disciples had the power to cast out demons, heal the sick and raise the dead (Matt 10:8), but couldn’t cast out one demon because they hadn’t been fasting (Mark 9:29, Matt 17:21).


Jesus is the example of the power of fasting, after Jesus is baptized, he is filled with the Holy Spirit and then goes into

the wilderness to fast for 40 days (Luke 4:1-2).  Being filled with the Holy Spirit is different than being filled with the

Power of the Holy Spirit (Ex 35:31-33, Acts 6:8). It is only after fasting for 40 days that Jesus returns

in the POWER of the Spirit. (Luke 4:14)

You have been given a spirit of power! (2 Timothy 1:7) If you

don't feel that power, then the question is are you fasting?

Did you realize the Armor of God has no protection for the

back? When you fast the way God wants you to then “The

Glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard” (Isaiah 58:8),

Are you feeling under attack, and beaten down? 

Are you fasting for your rear guard?



» Fasting Course  ($1997)

» Nutrition Course  ($1997)

» Chat with ALL Kingdom Fasters, including Sam + Bre! ($ priceless)
» Our Entire Video Training Library ($3497)
» Growing Recipe Library ($297)
» Done for You Fasting Calendars ($67)
» Prayer Guide ($47)

» Nutrition Guides ($127)

» Done for You Weightlifting + 5K Plans ($147)

» Mindset Courses to keep you motivated ($197)

» Speed Courses, fast and easy to follow ($97)

» and SO MUCH MORE...

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Total Value = $8,470

(But Not Actual Cost)

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"I lost 11 pounds in the first month and without even exercising for most of it. I took some weekends off and celebrated my son's birthday as well! I was able to eat pizza, and my Wife's Amazing Egg Dish. I can still eat the foods I love and still lose weight!

Age 42
Watch Tim's Testimonial

"I've tried a lot of fad diets, I've tried intermittent fasting. Nothing really worked and the food guilt was overwhelming. It wasn't until I watched the videos, understood the 'why' of fasting and made a realistic plan that it clicked for me. If I stick to my plan, I get to eat what I want, discipline my mind and body, all the while watching the scale drop daily. It's truly amazing! I think this could be the most sustainable way to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy food."

Age 28
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Get Your Kingdom Fasting All Access Pass Today


  • Guided Courses to help you reach your health and prayer goals

  • Complete Training Library to keep you motivated and educated

  • Direct chat with Sam, Bre and other fasters to ask questions and receive help and encouragement in your struggles and celebrate your successes

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Have additional questions?
Not sure if this is for you?
Schedule an in-person
meeting or video call with Sam and Bre to get direct answers.
  • What is Kingdom Fasting?
    Kingdom Fasting is biblical and scientific approach to fasting, prayer, nutrition, and health. Biblically we are told to fast and pray, given several example throughout the text, in-fact it was considered weird not to fast. (Luke 5, Matt 9, Mark 2). If you have been struggling in your prayer life, are you fasting? Do you know how to fast? Do you know you fasting was designed for your benefit? Furthermore, we are told to eat the real food that God created (1 Tim 4) and that is backed by the scientific evidence of today. In addition, the health benefits is in abundance in the scientific literature.
  • Is Fasting Starving Myself?
    No, it's not starving yourself. It's actually the way your body wants to heal and lose weight. It will NOT make you an anorexic. You'll still like eating food. I still like eating food. People who say these things usually haven't done the research or are just trying to discourage you from trying it. ​ ​
  • Is Fasting Safe?
    Absolutely. It's science and evidence-based. And there's a lot of studies that have been shown recently to show the benefits and the safety of using Fasting. We share that research as part of the Kingdom Fasting membership.
  • What if I get hangry?
    With Kingdom Fasting, you reset your hormones. Surprisingly, fasting decreases your hunger hormones over time and will help you defeat that hangry feeling. Ironically, research shows that conventional diets actually makes you get more hangry by elevating your hunger hormones for over a year.
  • Will Fasting Make Me Lose Muscle?
    I was also concerned about this. The answer is no. Your body is designed to maintain your muscle mass while you lose weight with Kingdom Fasting. I often get my best PRs while in a fasted state. We even have exercise programs that will accelerate your results
  • Is Exercise Required?
    Actually, you don't have to exercise for this work. A lot of people don't want to exercise or they can't exercise. Exercise will accelerate the process and accelerate the results, but it's not required. ​
  • Will this actually work for me?
    I thought I was the reason why I was overweight. The reality is conventional diet theory is only successful less than 1% of the time. If you're actively trying to lose weight and you're not, you're doing something wrong and it's not you that's wrong. It's the process that's wrong. Kingdom Fasting is for the other 99%. So stop blaming yourself for being overweight. If you can't lose weight, I believe you and I have a solution. I was in the same boat for over 10 years. I tried everything to lose weight too, and nothing else was working until I discovered Kingdom Fasting. This program is designed to help you strengthen your prayer life, be healthier, and as an add bonus, lose weight the way your body was designed to. You work with your body instead of against it.
  • Tried Intermittent Fasting?
    This course will specifically help those people who have tried intermittent fasting and it didn't work. Those people are likely the most successful right off the bat, because they've already had some experience. Not that a novice won't be successful and have a good experience right away. The difference is it designs fasting around your own specific, unique needs. You adjust it for what you want to do and what your goals are. And you don't have to stick to a certain regimen that will eventually plateau. Kingdom Fasting enables you to break through those plateaus.
  • Is Water the Only Thing I Can Drink?
    Nope. There's lots of things you can drink when you use Kingdom Fasting. In fact, there's some foods you can actually have. They don't sabotage your fast. We call them Fasting Fuels and you can learn about those in the course.
  • Can I Use My HSA/FSA to Pay For a Membership?
    Yes, you can. The IRS allows you to do that. You have to have your healthcare provider sign a medical necessity form. You need to talk to your healthcare coverage provider to see what form they want and how they want you to pay for it. You can pay directly from your HSA/FSA through our website, but some reimburse you for it. Contact them first before you purchase the program. You can find our form here.
  • What Is Included With My All Access Pass?
    You will get access to all of our courses and tools which help you go from beginner to expert faster. You can also ask questions in the forum and communicate with the Kingdom Fasting community as well as Sam and Breanne to get more information and more encouragement. We've discovered that knowledge equals success. And if you have continuous access to that knowledge, then you can be more successful.
  • Do I have to pray?
    We aren't going to make you pray, many people we help aren't religious and still have found health and weight-loss benefits from Kingdom Fasting. We teach people about prayer, but you don't have to participate, we teach people about nutrition, how to fast, and the long-term health benefits. Some people want everything, others just want one or two.
  • What If I Have Health Conditions?
    You need to check with your healthcare provider, but yes, a lot of people with different healthcare conditions are able to do Kingdom Fasting successfully. In fact, we discovered Fasting through a cancer diagnosis and found that there's research to support using Fasting along with cancer treatments to improve outcomes. Fasting improves many other health conditions, as well. So, it may be possible for you to fast while taking your medications and with your specific medical needs. Check out our database of research articles on fasting with special health conditions here!
  • Are You Now My Healthcare Provider?
    No. Being a part of Kingdom Fasting does not create a patient-provider relationship. While we will provide research that may include your medical diagnosis, it does not provide specific information for your medical situation. You need to contact your own healthcare provider to make sure the information actually applies to you, your medications, and situation. ​
  • Can This Make Me Look Younger?
    Yes, it can. In fact, one of the most common compliments I get, besides the fact that I've lost weight, is "you look so much younger than the last time I saw you." The research and data behind this are available to you in the membership.
  • What if I want to Cancel?
    Yes, you can cancel at anytime. However you will lose your unlimited access, and have to purchase it again to regain access after canceling. You'll have access to all previous, current and future content that we create so it's always there for you to access and participate at anytime.

Are you ready for your transformation??


Success Stories

I liked that I had access to all of your information, but that I then also had the access to you for questions! I really learned a lot from the true flexibility of Flexible Fasting.

J.C. Age 33

I benefited from more energy and improved gut.

I mostly felt better/energized in the fasted state.

K.P. Age 45

 Before, my longest fast was 16 hours. This plan helped me get to my first 36 hour fast! I lost 12 pounds and my gut health is noticeably better!

It was something that I had tried before but have always found a little difficult to do. Now I feel a lot more comfortable with it and have learned enough tricks to make it a lot less intimidating. I will definitely try to add fasting into my lifestyle going forward.

* "The annual probability of patients with simple obesity attaining a normal body weight was only 1 in 124 (0.8 %) for women and 1 in 210 (0.5 %) for men."  

Fildes, Alison et al. “Probability of an Obese Person Attaining Normal Body Weight: Cohort Study Using Electronic Health Records.” American journal of public health vol. 105,9 (2015): e54-9. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2015.302773

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