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BEFORE Kingdom Fasting


A PROVEN Program that's DONE for you!
Dr. Sam sims + Breanne Sims, rn
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AFTER Kigdom Fasting


Hi, we're dr. sam (CRNA, DNP, MNA)

& Breanne SIms (RN)

We tried EVERYTHING the textbooks say to lose weight...and felt like it was our fault when nothing worked.


• counted calories

• tracked macros

• worked out

• tested our DNA

• tried multiple diets

• followed the recommendations of healthcare professionals like ourselves with no success.


We were overweight and discouraged. We knew what the textbooks said but when we started to research for ourselves, we learned that the "Eat Less and Exercise More" theory FAILS 99% of the time over the long-term.*

We discovered Kingdom Fasting and hit our goal weight in just 6 months and have maintained it for over 3 years!

Has a HealthCare provider made you feel guilty about not losing weight?

Does this describe you?

Your weight loss and dieting efforts failed in the past.

You feel like you just can't lose weight.

You are feeling exhausted by the fad diets and the diet roller coaster.

You feel guilty over your weight and even feel guilty for eating or being hungry.

You'd love a sustainable way to live life and lose weight (i.e. not spend hours in the gym or $$$ on special diet foods).

You want to stick with the research and know you're helping your body and not working against it.

You wish someone would just do the research and teach you an evidence-based way to lose weight long-term.

You're hungry all the time, you feel guilty for eating, you're worrying about your weight constantly and it's effecting the way you live and enjoy your life...

There is a PROVEN way to successfully lose weight for the long haul - and it DOES NOT involve RESTRICTIVE DIETS or MANDATORY EXERCISE PLANS... 

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With a sustainable plan that is flexible to your lifestyle, you could successfully lose weight, keep it off,  eat without feeling guilty and start enjoying your life once and for all!


The Flexible Fasting Monthly Membership will give you:

  • a guided success path to reach your goal weight

  • the tools to help you maintain

  • data & resources to take your journey to the next level

what's included:

a guided walk through the success path

This is everything you need to get started on your Flexible Fasting Journey. The Success Path organizes all of the FF content in a step-by-step easy to use guide. 

Monthly trainings

New training video every month featuring the most up-to-date information on Flexible Fasting.

Monthly Q&A videos to get your questions answered and learn from the questions of others.

EXTRA: Special fasting series to be released throughout the year.

community Forum

Come find your people! This place is full of Flexible Fasters just like you!

Here you can share your successes, ask your questions and get encouragement.


Use our membership app to access your trainings, get notified and join in the LIVE Q&As.

All members also get access to the community forum , programs and groups.

start your journey:

what a difference a year makes!


before flexible fasting


One month flexible fasting


One year flexible fasting

WAtch Tim's Testimonial

"I lost 11 pounds in the first month and without even exercising for most of it. I took some weekends off and celebrated my son's birthday as well! I was able to eat pizza, and my Wife's Amazing Egg Dish. I can still eat the foods I love and still lose weight!

Age 42

"I've tried a lot of fad diets, I've tried intermittent fasting. Nothing really worked and the food guilt was overwhelming. It wasn't until I watched the videos, understood the 'why' of fasting and made a realistic plan that it clicked for me. If I stick to my FF plan, I get to eat what I want, discipline my mind and body, all the while watching the scale drop daily. It's truly amazing! I think this could be the most sustainable way to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy food."

Age 28


What if I have health conditions?

You need to check with your healthcare provider, but yes, a lot of people have different health conditions and they're able to do flexible fasting with a lot of success. In fact, we discovered Flexible Fasting through a cancer diagnosis and found that there's research that supports using Flexible Fasting along with cancer treatments. And also improves many health conditions. So it may be possible for you to fast while taking your medications and with your specific medical needs. 

Is Flexible Fasting Safe?

Absolutely. It's science and evidence-based. And there are a lot of studies that have recently shown the benefits and the safety of using Flexible Fasting.

Will Flexible Fasting make me lose muscle?

I was also concerned about this. The answer is no. Your body is designed to maintain your muscle mass while you lose weight with Flexible Fasting. I often get my best PRs while in a fasted state.

Is this starving myself?

No, it's not starving yourself. It's actually, the way your body wants to lose weight and it will not make you an anorexic. You'll still like food. I still like food. People who say these things are usually people who haven't done the research that I've done for you or are just trying to discourage you from trying it.

Do I have to exercise for this to work?

Actually, you don't have to exercise for this work. A lot of people don't want to exercise or they can't exercise. Exercise will accelerate the process and accelerate the results, but it's not required for results.

Will I have accountability?

We have created a forum where members can interact with each other at any time. This is a great place to check in with other members, create accountability groups, chat all things Flexible Fasting and interact with people who are living the Flexible Fasting lifestyle!

Do I have to go several days without eating? 

This program is Flexible to fit your life.  As you practice fasting you will come to realize what your body is capable of. Fasting is the way your body was designed to lose weight. That being said, the videos will help you find the best way to fast for your life. Some people do long fasts, others do not. It really is all about making Flexible Fasting work for you! We give you tools, not rules!

Are you ready for your transformation??

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* "The annual probability of patients with simple obesity attaining a normal body weight was only 1 in 124 (0.8 %) for women and 1 in 210 (0.5 %) for men."  

Fildes, Alison et al. “Probability of an Obese Person Attaining Normal Body Weight: Cohort Study Using Electronic Health Records.” American journal of public health vol. 105,9 (2015): e54-9. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2015.302773

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